Ms. Khin Thi Win

Division Head - General Administration Division

Division Head – General Administration Division (High Tech Concrete Co., Ltd.)

Ms. Khin Thi is a Division Head of General Administration Division at High Tech Concrete Co., Ltd. She can be reached at 09 255112270 and/or [email protected] and her residence was located in Ma Yan Gone Township, Yangon. She was graduated the Bachelor of Commerce from Yangon Institute of Economics.

In 2001, Ms. Khin Thi has joined High Tech Concrete Co., Ltd which is also known as HTC under Shwe Taung Building Materials, one of the business sector of Shwe Taung Group and the company provides Ready Mixed Concrete (RMC) and related services for Infrastructure Projects, High Rise Buildings and other Industrial, Commercial & Residential Projects. 

At HTC, she started working as an Account Assistant at Finance & Account Department in her beginning years. 12 years later, her position was going up to Deputy General Manager thanks to her sheer ability. 

After 12 years spending in Finance & Account field, the company’s Top Management decided to change her role into General Administration & Management field since 7 years ago, because of all-round & versatile competencies that she has.

In this field, she takes the responsibilities for Head of General Administration Division and the division comprise with four departments which are Materials Supply Department, Admin Department, Documents & Legal Department and Risk & Compliance Department. In this new role, she mainly focuses on the processes such as dealing with raw materials suppliers, stock management, fixed asset management, business risk monitoring & controlling, license updating and ISO activities with cost effective strategy & time saving, to support the operation process for smoothly running and achieve the company’s objectives. She has had over 19 years of experience in Ready Mixed Concrete Industry by working at HTC continuously. Prior to joining HTC, Ms. Khin Thi worked 4 years at Olympic Company Limited relating with Account process.

Apart from her working capabilities, she is interest in reading, travelling & helping other people. So she mostly share her knowledge to her peers & subordinates, frequently travels for business purpose and actively participate in donation & welfare activities.