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Mr. Nyi Hla Nge

Education & Training : B. E. (Civil) ; M. E. (Structure) ; M. Sc. (Dist.) (Netherlands) ; D. Engg. ; Dip. S. E. (Dist.) (Delft) ; Dip. German (Dist.); DAAD Research Fellow to Germany


With an illustrious career in civil and structural engineering spanning four decades, while chairing and assisting on various government, corporate, academic boards, Prof. Nyi Hla Nge comes with a wealth of experience from his many years working with multiple technical disciplines on literally hundreds of large scale construction projects worth billions. His appointments with the Government of Myanmar and international corporations include:

Professor and Head of Civil Engineering Department, YIT, and Rector of Yangon Technological University (YTU). He also served the Myanmar government as Deputy Minister, Ministry of Science & Technology , and Rector of Myanmar Aerospace Engineering University (MAEU) (2001-2004) (Special Assignment while Serving as Deputy Minister).

In the corporate arena, Prof. Nyi was Chairman of CQHP (2002 - 2004) (Special Assignment) and CEO of PIONEER Structural Design Group (Private Co.) (2006-Present) and Structural Consultant, from 2005 till today. He is also Advisor to Minister for Science and Technology and Visiting Professor at YTU (2012 Jan-Present) and Chairman of the Steering Committee for YTU and MTU.

His other Public-Service Duties and Assignments of Significance include:

Leader of the group on “Education Infrastructure” of Education Sector Study, Myanmar (1990 - 92) (Phase I & Phase II), UNDP/UNESCO project (co-author of four working papers and chapter author of Phase I Final Report), President of Myanmar Engineering Society (MES) (1997 - 2000). He was Chairman of the committees for drawing curricula and syllabuses for Myanmar Aerospace Engineering University (MAEU) and Myanmar Maritime University (MMU) (2001), First Chairman of the “Committee for Quality Control of High-Rise Building Construction Projects (CQHP)” (2002 - 2004), Minister-in-charge of the Ye-nan-chaung and Pakokku Industrial Zones (2002 - 2004) and Leader or member of Government delegations to several foreign countries in ASEAN, North Asia, Europe, USA and Australia.

Prof. Nyi’s personal interests and contributions include hundreds of projects and several written publications on the following: He has supervised the design, and given consultancy services in the actual construction of numerous construction projects (in hundreds) of various sizes and kinds (1990-Present as part-time job) He has written and published five textbooks or reference books on Structural Engineering for Myanmar students, designers and site engineers: He helped Myanmar Engineering Society (MES) with the development of Myanmar National Building Code (2011-12), a very important contribution to the developing country.

Prof. Nyi is highly sought after internationally, and would be an invaluable asset to any organisation who seeks a highly decorated, well-connected and respected professional to consult on projects of any given scale.

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