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1.1 Fine Aggregate (River Sand)
    1.1.1    Sieve analysis test
    1.1.2    Moisture test
    1.1.3    Organic impurities test
    1.1.4    Bulk Density test
    1.1.5    Specific gravity test

1.2    Coarse Aggregate (River Shingle)

    1.2.1    Sieve analysis test
    1.2.2    Bulk density test
    1.2.3    Clay lump content test
    1.2.4    Specific gravity test
    1.2.4    Flakiness and elongation index.

All of the above mentioned tests are to be done for every batch of incoming of raw material. The fractions under 5mm and over 40mm by screening machine, and other two fractions are stored as two separate size group; 5 to 20mm and 20 to 40mm. Aggregate grading for preparation of normal mix design will be G max 19 (20). The two fractions are to be mixed proportionally for getting G max 25 and 37.5 (40).

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